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  • Welcome to the world of Career & Technical Education (CTE) in Spring ISD.  CTE in Spring ISD is designed to address a variety of needs:  Exploration of career interests, practical experiences in an intended career field, and entry level skills for selected occupations.  Concepts and skills related to leadership, successful employment, entrepreneurship, and safety are an integral part of all programs.  All programs are offered without regard to race, handicap, gender, or limited English proficiency.

    Monday, February 20, 2017

    Recognitions Since January 1984, the Board has presented ABCD awards to individuals or groups that go Above and Beyond the Call of Duty. Points of Pride awards are presented to students and staff for major accomplishments beyond the District.

    CTE Recievs ABCD Award

    Recognized for Going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

    The Board recognized and honored the Spring ISD Career and Technology Advisory Board with an Above and Beyond the Call of Duty award for providing guidance and support to Spring ISD for nearly four decades. “The CTE Advisory Board has long been at the leading edge of preparing our kids for life after graduation – helping us to “Reach Every Student” and ensuring “Excellence in Every School,” said Tiffany Dunne-Oldfield, chief communications officer. The advisory board is probably best known for its annual scholarship luncheon, hosted each spring. Over the years, the event has raised more than $300,000 to help fund post-secondary training, education and industry certifications for students as well as teacher program grants for classroom innovation. “Perhaps not so well known, but key to the success of the district’s CTE program, are the real-world connections the board and its numerous committees provide,” said Dunne-Oldfield. Business, industry and community representatives are recruited each year to bring their expertise to the district’s career clusters. Many volunteer hours are spent evaluating the CTE program needs at each campus and making recommendations for both long- and short-range planning based on the current job market and future trends. In addition, whether it be serving on last year’s bond advisory committee, the current boundary advisory committee, the Spring ISD Education Foundation or some other worthwhile program, the CTE Advisory Board members are quick to step up and step in when the call goes out for help. “As we celebrate February as Career Awareness Month, it is the perfect time for us to take a moment and reflect on the incredible work – the Above and Beyond the Call of Duty work – of our CTE Advisory Board,” Dunne-Oldfield said. “Since its inception, it has been helping the district help our students prepare for life after high school."









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