Humanities - Social Studies & Language Arts
Curriculum and Instruction
Instructional Updates
Balanced Literacy
Discovery Approach to Learning
Internet Resources
Director for Humanities Curriculum
Shelley Rex
Director for Humanities Instructional Engagement
Khechara Bradford

Humanities in Spring ISD
The Human Experience
Social Studies & Language Arts

People - Places - Policy
History - Literacy - Geography - Art - Culture - Language - Community - Identity - Communication

Engaging! Thinking! Discovering! Reading! Writing! Connecting! Analyzing! Learning!

Engaging! Planning! Creating! Identifying! Describing! Learning!

Engaging! Exploring! Discussing! Journaling! Critiquing! Learning!

Engaging! Predicting! Persuading! Comparing! Interpreting! Investigating! Learning!

Engaging! Demonstrating! Differentiating! Learning!

Engaging! Collaborating! Understanding! Summarizing! Evaluating! Synthesizing! Learning!

Engaging! Clarifying! Revising! Editing! Defending! Inferring! Learning!

Engaging! Learning! Engaging! Learning! Engaging! Learning!

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