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Welcome to the Spring ISD Department of Special Education Services

Children are special and so is their education in Spring ISD. Approximately 9% of Spring ISD students have been determined to need specialized instruction according to the Spring ISD 2013-14 Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) . These special teaching efforts are supported and monitored by the Department of Special Education Services.

Evaluation of the needs of the student by Special Ed. Services and regular education staff members and parents through the Admission / Review / Dismissal (ARD) process determines which of the array of individual educational services are made available through the Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Special Services are expected to be provided in the "least restrictive environment". For many years, that meant that students received the special services in separate classrooms. Now, however, federal and state funds for the special services are being based on the "inclusion" model which encourages the placement of students who receive Special Services into regular education classrooms when deemed appropriate by the Admission / Review / Dismissal (ARD) committee. Spring ISD provides a continuum of Special Services for students and that is determined on an individual basis through the Admission / Review / Dismissal (ARD) process. If you have questions regarding Special Education Services, please contact our main phone number at (281) 891-6265.

Department of Special Education Services Mission

The core business of the Special Education Services Department in Spring ISD is to provide staff, parents and community members with meaningful opportunities and resources that support students in developing self respect, independence and responsibility in order to become lifelong learners and productive members of society.

Executive Director of Special Education Services
Dr. Kirsten Allman
Manager of Special Education - Programs & Campus Support
Ayana Lebron
Manager of Special Education - Assessment & Related Services
Matthew Pariseau
Elementary Coordinator
Amy Guzzetta
Secondary Coordinator
Marie Hampton
Compliance Coordinator
Rose Henry
SHARS Coordinator
Debey Fournier-Pursel
Elementary Coordinator
Amanda McNabb
Secondary Coordinator
Winona Lincoln
Curriculum & Instructional Coordinator
Dr. Cathy Burgin
Technology Lead
Liebe Garrison
Lead Diagnostician
Ramonda Okoro
LeAnne Owens
Lead SLP
Amber Rodgers-Snyder
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