• Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Spring Virtual Academy courses accredited?

    Yes, the courses offered through SVA are accredited through Spring ISD.


    Can I take SVA courses and my regular high school courses at the same time?

    Yes, SVA courses are designed for students currently enrolled in a Spring ISD school. If you are currently enrolled in school and intend to take an SVA course for graduation credit, you must contact your school counselor to gain official approval and to ensure proper recording of SVA courses on your transcript.


    What courses are available?

    SVA offers core and elective courses.


    How many SVA courses can I take at one time?

    Students currently enrolled in Spring ISD will be allowed to take up to 2 SVA courses per semester. Special permission is required to take more than two courses. We encourage you to balance your SVA course load with your current schedule. If you are a full-time student, you should consult with your school counselor or the SVA counselor to design a plan that best fits your schedule and degree plan.


    Will SVA credits transfer to another school district?

    Yes, credit is awarded through Spring ISD and is completely transferable within the United States.


    How long does it take to complete a course?

    SVA courses are designed to be completed in a semester schedule similar to face-to-face classes.


    What is the cost of tuition?

    There is no tuition fee for SVA courses offered to Spring ISD students.


    If your question was not answered here, please contact the school directly and someone will be happy to assist you.