thank you


     Welcome to Clark Primary


     As stated in the Parent-Student Handbook: 

      • Please present your identification and sign in at the front office and obtain a visitor’s badge.
      • Please make other arrangements for pre-school children rather than bringing them for a visit. The school does not have child care facilities and the activities of preschoolers distract students, teachers, and parents.
      • Visitors must be dressed appropriately, with no revealing or suggestive clothing.
      • Profane or offensive messages on clothing are prohibited. 
      • There will be zero tolerance for disorderly conduct, including, but not limited to, refusal to comply with campus policy, profanity, and verbal or physical intimidation.


    When you arrive at Clark Primary for a classroom visit… 

      • Please call in advance to schedule a visit to ensure that the visit does not conflict with testing, supervision responsibilities or some other scheduled activity.
      • Sign in at the front office and receive a visitor’s badge. A photo ID must be shown anytime a visitor enters the building.
      • Front office personnel will notify the teacher that you will be visiting in the classroom. 
      • Front office personnel or an administrator will escort you to the classroom.
      • The teacher will show you to an appropriate seat in the classroom for observation.
      • Once you are seated, the teacher will continue with instruction.To avoid disrupting instruction, please do not get up and move around the classroom. The teacher will not be able to visit with you during instruction time.
      • When your observation is complete, please return to the front office to sign out.
      • When visiting the school you may only visit the area designated on your badge.


    If you would like to discuss any issues with the teacher, please notify the front office when signing out. The teacher will call you to schedule a meeting.


    Thank you for your cooperation, and enjoy your visit!