About Project SAFE

      • Project S.A.F.E. Spring ISD After-school Family Engagement programAbout Project S.A.F. E.

        Program Purpose

        The purpose of Project S.A.F.E is to improve student achievement in reading/language arts, math and science, improve student attendance, decrease student disciplinary infractions/ referrals and increase parental engagement.

        Program Goals:

        • Improve student’s academic performance in reading/language arts, mathematics, and science
        • Improve student’s attendance
        • Promote positive behavior
        • Provide a variety of student selected activities that will support the student’s learning during the regular school day
        • Build a systems of support through fun, engaging , educational activities that address student’s social and emotional needs
        • Promote community partnerships

        Who Benefits from Project S.A.F.E.?

        • Students
        • Families
        • Teachers
        • Spring ISD Community

      Vision, Mission, Motto

      • Our Vision

        Project S.A.F.E. facilitates S.T.E.A.M. education and improves student’s academic performance through innovative, enriching, student and parent learning opportunities which promote sustained family engagement.

        Our Mission

        Project S.A.F.E. prepares students to be STEAM literate analytical thinkers who are college and career workforce ready leaders in the 21st century.

        Our Motto

        When parents, schools and the community work together, students thrive.

      Program Benefits

      • Program Benefits

        • Provide a free safe and educationally enriching environment
        • Academics- Reading, writing, math, science tutorials, homework support, and academic clubs
        • Enrichment- STEM/STEAM activities and student selected classes
        • Family Engagement
        • School-to-home learning opportunities and parent selected classes
        • College and Career Preparation-ACT/SAT test preparation and review, college tours and A.P. review courses
        • Students are provided a nutritious meal daily.
        • Free field trips for student’s and their families
        • 6 Week Summer Camp


      Contact Us

      • Afterschool Centers on Education - Texas Education Agency

        Funding for this project is generously provided by the T.E.A. and Spring ISD.