Bammel Middle School

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    BMS Players

    BMS Patriot Players Theater Company

     The Cast of “The Great Nursing Home Escape” set the stage in the district and took home 1st place!!!! That’s right 1st place!!! Before each school in the District left they had to recognize that Bammel is indeed a talented force to be reckoned with. The whole audience was impressed and full of laughter at the well directed and performed comedy. And I quote the Critic when I say “The most impressive comedy performance from a Middle School, Could not believe they were not in High School” Excellent Job goes to Bethany Bishop, Danarian Smith, Way Soe, Lailah Robinson, Kayauna Scott, Keianna Adams, Isabel Pineda,  Kady Perdomo, Heven-Lee Edmond, Caitlin Knox, and Karly Hamrick.

    The Patriot Players also walked away with the following awards:

    Heven-Lee Edmond - Best Technician

    Keianna Adams - Honorable Mention All Star Cast

    Bethany Bishop - Honorable Mention All Star Cast

    Lailah Robinson-Frazier - Honorable Mention All Star Cast

    Way Soe - All Star Cast

    Kayauna Scott - All Star Cast

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