• Enrolling your child in Spring ISD

    We're passionate about providing a quality education to all students and want to work with families to ensure a successful school experience for their child. Enrolling is easy, but does require some paperwork. Don't worry! We're ready to help you complete all the steps necessary so your student can join their fellow classmates at school.

    Here's what you need to do if you're new to the district:

    Gather important paperwork!

    1. Certified copy of birth certificate or passport.
    2. Current immunization record signed by a physician or physician's designee. See Immunizations requirements.
    3. Proof of residence in Spring ISD attendance zone. An original lease/mortgage agreement, water, natural gas, or electric bill are acceptable.
    4. Social Security Card. If not available, the student will be assigned a State ID number.
    5. Legal guardian's Texas driver's license or Texas Department of Transportation identification card. If the parent or guardian does not have a Texas driver's license or a TxDOT ID card, other photo ID will be considered in combination with a birth certificate.
    6. Most recent report card and withdrawal form from previous school, if applicable.
    7. High School transcript, if applicable.