Records Management

    The Records Management department operates under Procurement Services. We secure and preserve district records in accordance to the Texas State Library and Archive Commission (TSLAC) retention schedules.

    We assist district campuses/departments in developing their records management plans and with student transcript requests.

    Retention Schedules & Disposition Log Form

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  • Records Requests

  • Education Verification

    Please contact the registrar of the corresponding High School:

    Dekaney High School
    Registrar: Cathy Griggs
    Tel: 281-891-7270
    Email: CGRIGGS@springisd.org

    Early College
    Registrar: Jennifer Hofferek
    Tel: 281-891-6870
    Email: JHOFFERE@springisd.org

    Spring High School
    Registrar: Yolanda Garcia
    Tel: 281-891-7034
    Email:  YGARCIA@springisd.org

    Westfield High School
    Registrar: Veronica Sanchez
    Tel: 281-891-7141
    Email: VSANCH1@springisd.org

    Wunsche High School
    Registrar: Lori Meadows
    Tel: 281-891-7654
    Email: LORIF@springisd.org