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    Please contact the registrar of the corresponding High School:

    Dekaney High School
    Registrar: Cathy Griggs
    Tel: 281-891-7270
    Email: CGRIGGS@springisd.org

    Early College
    Registrar: Tracy Williams
    Tel: 281-891-6870
    Email: TWILLI15@springisd.org

    Spring High School
    Registrar: Lakeisha Kelly
    Tel: 281-891-7034
    Email:  LKELLY1@springisd.org

    Westfield High School
    Registrar: Veronica Sanchez
    Tel: 281-891-7141
    Email: VSANCH1@springisd.org

    Wunsche High School
    Registrar: Ranzey Powell
    Tel: 281-891-7654
    Email: RPOWELL@springisd.org