• Clark Cats 2017-2018 Dress Code Information

    • Khaki, navy blue, blue jeans Fridays only (denim)  
    • Fitted at the waist
    • Belt (if pants, shorts, or skirts have belt loops)
    • Belts (2” inch belt buckles with no art design )
    • No oversized, sagging or baggy clothing
    • Lettering on jeans is on pockets only
    Jumpers, skirts, skorts or shorts
    • Khaki, navy blue  
    • Shorts, dresses & skirts Must Be Knee Length 
    • Belted (if belt loops are present)
    • Jumpers should be solid, no appliqués or designs
    • No overalls


    • Solid white, navy blue, red or yellow
    • Long or short sleeves
    • With collar
    • School spirit shirt
    • Logos are to be no larger than 2”x 2”
    • Shirts must be tucked in (unless it has a band like a sweatshirt)

    Cold Weather Attire

    • Sweatshirts, turtlenecks or undershirts (that are visible) must be white, navy blue, or yellow 
    • No sweatpants, no wind suits
    • Jackets and coats can be any color; however, they must be school appropriate.


    • Must be clean and neat
    • Must not be distracting or interfere with the learning environment
    • Hair should not be distracting
    • Please wear appropriate shoes, NO SANDALS OR FLIP FLOPS
    Wear this to school, it’s the rule!!
    Please remember that students should not bring cell phones, iPods/iPads or toys to school. These items can disrupt the learning environment for our students.