Welcome to the Team!

  • Congratulations on your new position with Spring Independent School District!

    This new employee web page is provided for those who have been offered and accepted a professional or paraprofessional position with Spring ISD. It is our hope that we can make the new hire process a seamless, positive experience. You will receive an email with instructions on how to complete your new hire paperwork electronically. However, if you have been hired as a classified employee by one of our Support Services departments (Transportation, Child Nutrition, Operations, Maintenance, Police, etc.), they will contact you directly regarding the new hire process.

    We appreciate your patience while waiting for your phone call from our team. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions link to determine the documents that you will need to bring to Human Resources to complete your file. We must have all required documents before you will have the opportunity to sign your contract (Professional) or Letter of Reasonable Assurance (Paraprofessional). A Human Resources representative will be available to answer any questions you may have regarding certification.

Documents/Credentials Required

  • What paperwork and documents are needed?

  • Are there any additional fees I may incur?

  • As a teacher/administrator, will I need to provide the District with official transcripts from all of the institutions attended? Must they be in a sealed envelope?

  • I have been recommended for an instructional paraprofessional position. Will I need to provide the District with official transcripts? Must they be in a sealed envelope?

  • I have previous teaching/paraprofessional experience in different a public/private school. What will Spring ISD need so that my salary reflects my experience?

  • I cannot locate my social security card. May I bring a copy?

  • May I attend a New Hire Paperwork Session if I do not have all of my official documents?

Hiring Process

  • How long will it take to hear from Human Resources to schedule an appointment to sign my contract?

Name and Address Change Issues

  • Do I have to wait to schedule my New Hire Paperwork Session until I have the address where I will be residing for the school year?

  • I am getting married over the summer, can I use my married name for my file?

Instructional Calendar and Teacher Orientation

  • When is my start date?

  • As a teacher, will I need to attend a new teacher orientation?

Salary/Payroll Information

  • What will my salary be?

  • How often will I get paid?

  • Will I be paid on a 9-month or 12-month basis?

  • Is direct deposit optional?

Benefits Information

  • When do my benefits begin?

  • Is there an enrollment deadline for the insurance plan?

  • I am interested in the District’s insurance plan. How do I get information?

Spring ISD Identification Badge

  • Where do I go to obtain my Spring ISD ID badge?

Computer Acces/E-mail

  • How can I access my e-mail from home?

  • When I am employed, what will be my username and password? When can I access it?

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