• Workers Compensation

    Workers' Compensation is a state-regulated, no-fault insurance program that provides Spring ISD employees with income and medical benefits if a work-related injury or illness is sustained. 

    Effective January 1, 2024, Spring ISD implemented a new third-party administrator through TASB Risk Management Fund for its self-funded Workers’ Compensation Program.  As a result, any treatment for workers’ compensation injuries must be with a medical provider who is part of the Political Subdivision Workers’ Compensation Alliance. All employees with an on-the-job injury or illness are required to use a medical provider from within the approved network. Failure to use an approved in-network medical provider can result in non-coverage of expenses for job-related injuries.

    If you are injured at work, tell your supervisor or employer immediately. For emergencies, you should go to the nearest emergency room. Otherwise, you must choose a treating doctor from the list on the website here. Your Benefits Office will assist with any questions about how to obtain treatment. You may also contact your adjuster at the TASB Risk Management Fund (the Fund) for any questions about treatment for a work-related injury. The Fund is your employer’s workers’ compensation coverage provider. They work with your employer to ensure you receive timely health care. The goal is to return you to work as soon as it is safe to do so.

    Important Contact Information

    To locate a provider, go to www.pswca.org. To contact your adjuster at the TASB Risk Management Fund, visit www.tasbrmf.org or call 800.482.7276. 

Important Contact Information

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