Frequently Asked Questions For All New Hires


     QHow long will it take to hear from Human Resources to schedule an appointment to sign my contract?

     A. The time frame depends on a number of factors. There are several components to the new hire process including background and certification checks which may require additional time. During the summer months, processing may take several weeks after receiving the new hiring recommendation from campus administration.



     Q. What paperwork and documents are needed?

     A.  Each candidate must:

    • Completed “New Hire Paperwork Packet”
    • provide Social Security Card and Driver's License/Identification Card in applicant’s legal name.
    • Original (Official) documentation from the List of Acceptable Documents required for the I-9 form (All documents must be unexpired.)
    • Official transcripts from each college attended (Positions requiring a degree must present a transcript which shows the date of the degree conferred.)
    • Official service records (Appropriate for any candidate with prior experience to be counted towards years of service.) Electronic service records are accepted provided they are emailed directly from the former school district/educational institution to 

    Q. Are there any additional fees I may incur?

    A. Possibly. There are additional fees associated with instructional aide, out-of-state teachers or teachers in an alternative certification programs (ACP). Human Resources will verify that the   new hire has applied and paid for appropriate certificate(s) for employment and fingerprinting fees before being contacted for an appointment. Once all documents from the above list are secured, contact Human Resources to schedule an appointment. Click the appropriate topic below for instructions on how to apply for state certifications:

    Educational Aide Certificate

    Probationary Certificate for ACP Interns

    Review of Credentials and One Year Certificate for teachers certified in another state


    QAs a teacher/administrator, will I need to provide the District with official transcripts from all of the institutions attended? Must they be in a sealed envelope?

    A. Official transcripts are required from all colleges/universities that the candidate has attended, including the one which shows the date the degree was conferred/awarded (for positions requiring degrees). Transcripts are not required to be in a sealed envelope, but must be an original, produced by the college/university, bearing the seal and signature of the registrar. Electronic service records (eScripts) are accepted provided they are emailed directly from the university to


    Q. I have been recommended for an instructional paraprofessional position. Will I need to provide the District with official transcripts? Must they be in a sealed envelope?

    A. Yes. Instructional paraprofessionals must provide an official transcript showing an Associate’s degree or 48 earned semester hours. It is not required that transcripts arrive in a sealed envelope, but must be an original produced by the college/university bearing the seal and signature of the registrar. Clerical paraprofessionals are not required to provide official transcripts. 

    Paraprofessionals who do not hold an Associate’s degree or have accumulated 48 semester hours must present a high school diploma (or equivalent from a TEA accredited/recognized program) AND pass a local assessment covering the academic areas of mathematics, reading and writing. The exam must be scheduled and passed before scheduling a new hire appointment.


    QI have previous teaching/paraprofessional experience in different a public/private school. What will Spring ISD need so that my salary reflects my experience?

    A. Individuals with previous experience in an accredited public or TEA recognized private school must present an original, official service record in order for that experience to be applied towards the individual’s creditable years of service. A candidate with experience outside of Texas may print the State of Texas service record form (Ser Rec Att) and forward to their previous district(s) for completion. The document must be signed by the institution’s administrative official, preferably with the institution’s seal. As soon as the service record(s) are approved, the salary is adjusted retroactive to the employees start date or the beginning of the current school year. Service records must be received on or before March 1st of each year in order to receive credit and retroactive pay for that school year.


    Q. I cannot locate my social security card. May I bring a copy?

    A. No. An original social security card must be presented to Human Resources for verification. A receipt issued by the Social Security Office is not accepted. Candidates may go to to locate the nearest social security field office and receive instructions on how to secure a new or replacement card.


    QMay I attend a New Hire Paperwork Session if I do not have all of my official documents?

    A. No. Human Resources requires that you have your official transcripts when you attend the session. Official Service Records are not required to sign your contract, but the employee’s salary will not reflect those years of service until the official Service Records are received.



    QDo I have to wait to schedule my New Hire Paperwork Session until I have the address where I will be residing for the school year?

    A. No. However, if you wait until you have the new address, it will reduce the amount of paperwork that you must complete for your records. We recommend that you wait until you have the new address to be scheduled for a New Hire Paperwork Session, but it is not required.


    QI am getting married over the summer, can I use my married name for my file?

    A. It is a legal requirement to use the new hire’s name as it appears on the social security card presented. When the employee receives a new card from the Social Security Administration Office, it must be presented to the Human Resources & Human Capital Accountability office. The employee will receive a name change packet to complete.



    QWhen is my start date?

    A. An employee’s start date is determined once the criminal background check is completed and Human Resources has all of the required documents to complete the new employee file.



    QAs a teacher, will I need to attend a new teacher orientation?

    A. Yes. Information about the current academic year’s new teacher orientation is available through the Spring ISD website and varies from year to year.



    QWhat will my salary be?

    A. The teacher minimum, midpoint and maximum salary is adopted annually by the Spring ISD Board of Trustees and is published on the Spring ISD website. Salaries are determined individually based on each person’s creditable years of experience and credentials. Salary advancement is based on an annual pay raise budget approved by the Board of Trustees.


    QHow often will I get paid?

    A. Employees are paid on a semi-monthly basis. Pay dates for these employees are the 10th and 25th day of the month.


    QWill I be paid on a 9-month or 12-month basis?

    A. Salaried Employees are paid on a 12-month basis (Hourly Employees are paid during pay periods in which they work).


    QIs direct deposit optional?

    A. The District only pays electronically and paper checks are not issued.



    QI am interested in the District’s insurance plan. How do I get information?

    A. Information is available on the Spring ISD website under Employee Benefits. If you have additional questions about benefits, please contact the Benefits Office at 281-891-6052.


    QIs there an enrollment deadline for the insurance plan?

    A. All insurance enrollment must be processed within 31 days of the first day of paid employment.


    QWhen do my benefits begin?

    A. Benefits begin on the first day of the month following the first day of employment. An example would be an employee that starts work in August: Benefits will be effective September 1st.



    QWhere do I go to obtain my Spring ISD ID badge?

    A. The Human Resources & Human Capital Accountability Office issues identification badges. New employees must make an appointment for an ID Badge (by appointment only). A flyer with ID Badge Information is provided at New Hire Orientation.



    QWhen I am employed, what will be my username and password? When can I access it?

    A. The email username is issued by the technology department and is generally comprised of the user’s first name initial followed by up to seven letters of the last name. If that username is already assigned, the username is the user’s first initial followed by up to 5 letters of the last name followed by a number. Your supervisor or fellow staff member may look up your username in Google Mail, the district’s provider.

    Passwords are comprised of the first three letters of the username, followed by the last four digits of the user’s social security number.

    New Hires will receive the Spring ISD Staff Portal login information during onboarding.


    QHow can I access my e-mail from home?

    A. New employees may access e-mail accounts by going to There, login with the assigned username and password.

    NOTE: Each campus has a computer liaison that is able to assist with computer issues.