Frequently Asked Questions for Benefits

  • How can I print an ID card? 

    To print an ID card please visit and follow the steps below.

    Step 1: Log into Aetna Navigator®. (Register as a new user or login to your existing account.

    Step 2: Click on "Get an ID Card" located on the right side of the navigation bar.  Select a Member and Card Type.

    Step 3: Click on "View Card."

    Step 4: Choose to "View/Print ID card."

    You can also select "Order a Replacement Card” The time-frame for receiving the replacement card is between 7 to 10 business days.


    How often may I change my medical insurance benefits?

    You may change your insurance benefits during the annual open enrollment period. Changes made during the annual open enrollment will become effective on September 1st. You may also make changes during the plan year if you have a change in family status. Events that qualify for a family status change, according to the Internal Revenue Service are: birth, death, marriage, divorce, adoption, or a change in coverage due to a spouse’s employment. Changes to your coverage due to a family status qualifying event must be made within 31 days of the event and documentation of the event must be provided.

     Does Spring ISD contribute to my medical insurance?

     Yes, Spring ISD contributes an average of $225 per month for each full time employee that elects medical coverage.

     If I elect to decline medical insurance coverage will I be eligible to receive the district contribution. 

     No, Spring ISD only makes contributions for employees that elect medical coverage.

    Who is eligible for benefits?

    An employee that works 10 or more regularly scheduled hours each week and are currently contributing to the Teacher Retirement System of Texas are eligible for benefits.

     May I cover dependents on my medical insurance plan?

     Yes, you can enroll in employee/child (ren), employee/spouse or employee/family.

    Dependents are defined as:

                    Spouse including Common Law or Domestic Partner

                    Child (ren) under the age of 26:

    • A Natural Child
    • An adopted child
    • A stepchild
    • A foster child
    • A child under the legal guardianship of the employee
    • A grandchild
    • A disabled child (can cover beyond age 26)

    If I resign from Spring ISD may I continue my medical coverage?

    Yes, you may elect to continue medical coverage through Cobra. Cobra is administered by WellsSystems and offers coverage to former employee(s) and/or dependents that were enrolled in medical coverage at the time of separation for up to 18 months. The premium for coverage is increased since the former employee(s) will be responsible for paying their contribution as well as the Spring ISD’s portion of the contribution.

     Dental and Vision

    Can I enroll in a vision or/ dental plan without obtaining medical coverage.

    Yes, vision and dental coverage’s are stand-alone plans and any eligible employee may enroll.


     What kind of life insurance does Spring ISD offer?

    Spring ISD provides a Standard Life Basic Group Life policy at no additional cost to all eligible employees. The amount of life insurance covered by Spring ISD equals to one and one-half the employee’s annual salary. Please login to Benefit Solver ( for additional employee paid coverage.

     Medical Reimbursement / Dependent Care Accounts

    I am interested in contributing to a medical reimbursement/dependent care account on a pretax basis, what do I need to do?

    In order to contribute to pretax medical reimbursement and dependent care accounts you will need to designate how much money you want to contribute each year. The deductions are then made from your paycheck and deposited into the Medical Reimbursement account of your choice. Dependent Care accounts require a claim to be filed with First Financial for reimbursement. Please be aware that the accounts require annual enrollment and are use-it or lose-it accounts. First Financial now issues a debit card for use on eligible expenses.

     457 and 403 (B) Accounts

    May I contribute to a 457 or 403 (B) pretax?

    Yes, you may contribute to a 457 or a 403(B) account pretax and can use any vendor that is listed on the TRS approved list.

    Are there limits on how much I can contribute to a 457 or 403(B)?

     Yes, the maximum limit for both the 457B and 403B is $18,000 per year per plan.  If you are over the age of 50, you may contribute an additional $6,000 per year which allows for a maximum contribution of $24,000 per year. You can change the amount you contribute at anytime during the year. TCG can assist you with any questions about the limits and/or provisions.


     If you have additional questions feel free to email the Spring ISD Benefits Office at