Activity Funds

  • Activity funds are defined as funds consisting of resources received and held by the school, as trustee, to be expended or invested in accordance with the conditions of the trust. Specifically, they are funds accumulated from the collection of fees, donations, commissions, and school approved money-raising activities. Activity funds are used to promote the general welfare of the school and the educational development and morale of all students.

    Each school can maintain an activity fund. The fund will encompass the care and administration of those activities and functions relating to student and faculty programs. The administrative plan of the fund is that income received for a specific function is disbursed only for that function. However, if unusual circumstances occur, the school principal will ensure that any liabilities of that function are liquidated; the remaining function assets are transferred to an account with the same general activity as the original fund.
    Staff employees should not collect money for or perform PTO or Booster Club duties during working hours. Additionally, staff employees should not handle PTO or Booster Club financial affairs (GE Local).