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    Valuing All Employees, Creating A Supportive Culture, Striving for Excellence


    In Spring Independent School District (Spring ISD) we believe in leading by example and being lifelong learners. We expect excellence in every school and high performance from every employee therefore we’ve established a culture of holding ourselves and others accountable. We believe in communicating openly and providing continuous support as well as learning opportunities to strengthen our workforce, which will ultimately strengthen our student body.





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  • Human Capital & Accountability Officer

    Dr. Tameka Bruce



    Human Capital & Accountability Officer Executive Secretary

    U'Nieka Smith



    Executive Director for Performance Management & Title IX Coordinator

    Benjamin Hernandez



    District Investigator

    Vincent Jones


    Substitute Coordinator (Substitute misconduct or concerns)

    Tyesha Coleman



    Human Capital & Accountability Specialist

    Brenda Dorado



    Email: EmployeeRelations@springisd.org