Research, Evaluation and Data Request

  • Criteria for Conducting Research

    Requests for approval to conduct research projects within the Spring Independent School District are made by completing the Spring ISD application and submitting the documentation required below.


    • A completed Spring ISD application:
      • Electronic copy must be submitted to Dan Taylor, The copy must include the scanned signatures of the researcher, faculty sponsor, and department chair.
      • When applicable, the application must include campuses that the researcher would like to approach for conducting research
    • A copy of the approved research proposal by committee, if applicable
    • Proof of all university approvals on the application, if applicable
    • Human subjects or IRB approval, if applicable
    • A copy of all instruments (tests, questionnaires, interview protocols, observation forms, etc.)
    • A copy of any letters to parents, teachers, administrators, and students (letters of consent, cover letters for study, etc).
    • Informed consent letters are required and must be active if students are involved. Consent letters must include:
      • Purpose of the research and how the findings will be used
      • What the subject's participation will involve by way of procedures, time, etc.
      • Possible benefits for the subject, district or others
      • Statement of risk
      • Statement of confidentiality
      • Statement indicating that the subject is free to withdraw from the research at any time without penalty
      • Application should also indicate the specific campuses the researcher would like to contact


    • The description of methodological procedures include, research design, sampling design (including specifically targeted schools), and data analysis.
    • The research design includes clearly-stated research questions and hypothesis. These questions and hypothesis are derived and supported by previously published research.
    • The study must benefit Spring ISD.
    • The study does not seriously interrupt the regular school program and makes no undue demands upon the time of students, teachers, administrators, or other district personnel.
    • The study indicates a date by which the Department of Research, Accountability, and Testing can expect to receive a final copy of the study.
    • The study does not take place during district-wide testing periods.
    • The study does not identify Spring ISD in the final reports or subsequent presentations.