Research, Evaluation and Data Request

  • Procedures

    1. Researcher must submit all documentation required (see criteria for conducting research in Spring ISD) before the formal review process will begin.
    2. Researcher will receive confirmation that all documents have been received either via email or phone.
    3. If the Spring ISD External Research Review Committee (ERRC) approves the proposal as submitted, an approval letter will be sent to the researcher with copies to all the school administrators who will be involved in the proposed research.
    4. If the ERRC does not approve a proposal as submitted, the application will be denied on the grounds of one of the criteria listed under Reasons for Denial of Research. Criterion deficiencies will be outlined for the applicant.
    5. The Department of Research, Accountability, and Testing will notify the researcher of its decision within a month after all materials have been received by Spring ISD.

    Note: District approval to conduct research does not imply campus consent. It is the researcher's responsibility to secure individual school approval prior to conducting research. (District approval must precede campus contact.)