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  • Literacy-Friendly Neighborhoods

    We All Do Better When We All Read Better

    A Literacy-Friendly Neighborhood is a community that actively implements strategies to promote reading and writing. We are fostering Literacy-Friendly neighborhoods that allow the coomunty to get to know each other and share an interest in books, reading, learning, and helping children read. You can help! There are many ways you can help in this effort to create a Literacy-Friendly Neighborhood.

    To start, consider one or more of the following courses of action: Take the pledge with me! Go to  and click on the Literacy-Friendly Neighborhood link. You’ll get a toolkit that shares all kinds of ideas about communities taking action for literacy. Share books with us for the Little Free Library. We need volunteers who are interested in helping us maintain books for the Little Free Library.

    Participate in activities. In the future, you will hear about various “bookish” activities that will be taking place in our school neighborhood. Please come check them out! Visit our school’s Little Free Library. Don’t be shy! Please come take a book and leave a book. I would love to see you visiting our Little Free Libraries!

    Why are we doing this? Because we all do better when we all read better. Books really can build healthier neighborhoods and healthier people. A growing body of research shows that reading has a wealth of benefits — from sharpening memory and reducing stress to improving concentration and strengthening relationships. Reading boosts vocabulary and lifts your spirits. It increases empathy and improves brain health. In fact, reading is one of the most important things we can do to ensure a happy, successful life. Kids are especially affected, with books at home significantly increasing a child’s level of education.

    We hope you’ll take this literacy journey with us!