GT Referral / Identification and Assessment Process


    A student may be referred for Gifted and Talented screening by a teacher, counselor, parent, or administrator. A referral for gifted and talented screening is made by contacting the school counselor and requesting a “Request for Screening” form, which must be completed and submitted to the counselor. The screening/assessment process is offered once per semester and consists of three phases. Phase I, the screening phase, Phase II, the assessment phase, and Phase III, the identification phase. Specific requirements must be met in order to advance to Phase II, the assessment phase. Please note students can only be screened/assessed once per school year. 

    Campus Responsibility:

    Phase I: Screening

    • Any Spring ISD student can be referred for gifted and talented screening by a parent, teacher, or administrator. Parents must complete the Request for Gifted and Talented Screening Form or by contacting the school counselor. All screening request forms must be submitted to the school counselor. **Please note that students in grades kindergarten and 5th, along with students who score Level III Performance on both the reading and math STAAR assessment, are automatically screened.
    • Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) Screening Form is the assessment given for screening. It is the short form of CogAT and measures students’ learned reasoning abilities developed through in-school and out-of-school experiences.
    • Students who score a grade stanine of 6 or higher will move onto Phase 2 for further assessment. Stanine scores range from a 1 (lowest) to 9 (highest).


    Phase 2: Assessment

    • Students scoring a grade stanine of 6 or higher on the CogAT Screening Form are further assessed using CogAT Form 7 that measures the development of verbal, mathematical, and spatial reasoning abilities.
    • Parents must complete a Phase 2 packet for each student participating in this portion of the assessment process. Phase 2 packets can be found on this web page or by contacting the school counselor. The phase 2 packet consists of a Parent Permission to Test Form and a Parent Inventory which must be completed and submitted to the school counselor prior to the assessment date.
    • The campus will complete and submit the Student Assessment Matrix and the Teacher Inventory forms to the district gifted and talented specialists.


    District Responsibility:

    Phase 3: Identification

    • Student data from the screening phase shall be sent to the district committee for identification.
    • Quantitative and qualitative data is collected.
    • District Identification/Selection Committee meets to discuss student data.
    • Notice of identified students mailed to home/campus for distribution.


Assessment Dates

  • Student Referral Window
    October 2020-January 2021
    Phase I (CogAT) Screener (K-12)
    October 19, 2020-December 17, 2020
    Phase II (CogAT) Post-Screener: Kindergarten 
    January 4, 2020-February 19, 2021
    Phase II (CogAT) Post-Screener: Grades 1-12
    January 4, 2020-March 12, 2021