(Community Youth Services)

    CYS is a unique community based crisis counseling and intervention service for youth and their families in Harris County.  The major focus of CYS has been with secondary school age students but elementary students can also be referred.  We have shared funding contracts with 14 Harris County school districts, and our Youth Service Specialists are officed on their campuses to insure immediate availability.

    School is the major system that touches the lives of all children.  It provides the least threatening place to identify and help youth with problems that affect their attendance, classroom behavior, academic achievement and home life.  CYS deals with truancy, runaway, pregnancy, suicide, drug abuse, family conflicts and marginal child abuse.

    CYS Workers 

    Alyssa Gonzalez
    Assigned Campuses:Beneke Elementary, Eickenroht Elementary, Leadership Academy MS, Roberson MS, Westfield High School. 

    Christina Cravinas
    Assigned Campuses:Anderson Elementary, Burchett Elementary, Bailey Middle School, Dekaney 9th Grade Center, Dekaney High school 

    Damian Washington
    Assigned Campuses: Bammel Elementary, Heritage Elementary, Meyer Elementary, Bammel Middle , Wunsche High School

    Danielle Gonzalez
    Assigned Campuses:Marshall Elementary, Northgate Crossing Elementary, Winship Elementary, Springwoods Village Middle School, Spring High 9th Grade Center, Spring High School  

    Devyn Tuttle
    Assigned Campuses:Cooper Elementary, Ponderosa Elementary, Hoyland Elementary, Major Elementary, Clark Intermedite, Early College

    Karissa Scott
    Assigned Campuses:Booker Elementary, Hirsch Elementary, Jenkins Elementary, McNabb Elementary, Smith Elementary, Duiett Middle School, Twin Creeks Middle School 

    Mayra Soriano
    Assigned Campuses:Lewis Elementary, Link Elementary, Reynolds Elementary, Thompson Elementary, Claughton Middle School, Wells Middle School