• Mailroom

    The mail room offers a variety of services that can make your mailing easier and possibly save you money. Before you begin to process any sized mail out please contact Susan Collins at 281-891-6139 to discuss your needs.

Available Services

  • General Campus Mail Outs

    • Letters addressed to individual student or parents will go at regular first class postage rate.
      (Rates or subject to change)
    • If you provide the window envelopes we can insert the documents plus meter at first class postage

    Mail Bag Delivery

    Each campus has amail bag that is brought to central office and sorted out to be delivered to all
    campuses and departments within the district on the next scheduled delivery day. Deliveries/pickups are now Monday-Friday.

    General Postage

    You can send any amount of unstamped mail to the mail room along with a SISD Postal Center Form,
    we will get your mail metered at standard postage rate and delivered to the post Office the same day.

    Generic Bulk Mail Outs:

    • If you are sending a standard, generic letter you can take advantage of reduced bulk rates
         (Rates are subject to change)
    • You must have at least 200 pieces to take advantage of this price
    • The letters should not be time sensitive
    • Must be identical (size, shape, weight)
    • We can Print the addresses on the envelopes and insert your mailing
    • A 3-day turnaround is generally expected for a school-wide mail out to arrive at the post office after
      you have given us your information

    Examples of Bulk Mail: Flyers, Newsletters, Bulletins, General Letter to Parents/students.
    Ineligible Bulk Mail: Test scores, account balances, products, advertising and Personal able letters.


Important Notice

    • Postage Rate Change Effective Jan. 22, 2023.
    • Please be aware there will be a USPS postage rate change. The meter rate increased 3 cents (still a 3 cent savings, and a 4.2% savings off retail). 
    • The previous rate was 0.57 cents. The rate will go up 0.60 cents up to 1oz.-metered.
    •  Additional ounces (Post Office and Metered Mail) for First Class Mail letters remain the same, $0.24 from $0.20.