• Our Mission

    Cooper Elementary School will be recognized for creating a culture of learning to produce innovative citizens for a global community.

    Our Beliefs

    We believe... ...in a partnership between the home and the school must exist. ...there will be success for every student every day. ...all students can learn and develop appropriate skills. ...all school personnel and students will model positive character traits. ...the commitment of each staff member to grow professionally is essential to the development of our students.

    Our Vision

    Cooper Elementary will prepare, empower, and produce lifelong learners who exhibit appropriate social skills and achieve academic success.

    Our Namesake:


    Milton Cooper's many years of service to Spring ISD include serving as the first principal of Bammel Middle School, director of elementary and middle schools, assistant superintendent of elementary schools, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction and principal of Meyer Elementary School. Spring ISD's 18th elementary school is named after Mr. Cooper.

    Our Mascot:

    In the good ol' days the cowboy was the glue that held the West together. They were ambitious, proud, ostentatious, religious, adventurous, courageous, intelligent and cavalier. They put the grit and spirit of "I-CAN" into the word AmerI-CAN. This is the spirit that our namesake, Milton Cooper, possesses. He is a true cowboy at heart! Therefore, it is only fitting that our school embodies this exciting spirit and culture to build a tradition of success with "Ganas"(the desire to succeed) and an "I Can!" attitude.

    Our Colors:

    Our school colors are navy BLUE and deep RED (Texan red).