Building Rentals

  • Thank you for your interest in renting a Spring ISD facility. A facility includes any inside or outside area of a district campus that is available for rental and may include auditoriums, cafeterias, gyms, foyers, parking lots, practice fields, and competition fields.

    Please click on the following links, in order, to understand the policies surrounding the rental of our District facilities.

    1. Policy GKD (Local) - Overview of rental policy
    2. Policy GKD (Regulation) - Explanation of non-paying groups and paying groups and classifications
    3. Policy GKD (Exhibit) - Pricing for rentals based on classifications

Online Rental Request

  • Please watch these two short instructional videos on how to register for facilities rental:

    Instructions for online rentals:

    1. Click the CommunityUse Request Form and Calendar link below.
    2. Review the online calendar to verify the availability of the date, time and location.
    3. Click the Log in to Request Facility Use link at the top right corner.
    4. Complete and submit the online request form.

    CommunityUse Request Form and Calendar

    Note: Submit rental requests at least 30 days before the event to allow for processing.