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    McNabb School Song

    Together We Can

    Verse 1:

    It’s a brand new day to be a CHAMP

    It’s a brand new day to be at McNabb

    It’s the time we shine I believe we can

    As a team we work as a Knight we stand

    Just follow your heart together we can.


    Verse 2:


    We will show the rest, that we’ll do our best

    Through the way we act and how we show respect

    To everyone and to ourselves

    By doing right how a CHAMP should be

    Just follow your dream and it will be.


    Rap Verse:


    I am a CHAMP and I’ll always be

    Doing what’s best I know that’s for me

    Educating my mind and touching my heart

    By showing I care to better my life.


    *Repeat Verse 2


    Lyrics written by: Francis Bugarin – First Grade Teacher



     School Song