• mr. winship

    John Winship

     Winship Elementary is a legacy to John Winship, former superintendent of Spring Independent School District. Mr. Winship led the district from 1939 until his death in 1973. 
        During those 34 years, however, Mr. Winship, wasn’t just a superintendent. He was an American History teacher, civics teacher, boys and girls coach, bus driver, building engineer, and part time janitor. He was known as someone who, when there was no one to do a job, did the work himself. Winship Elementary is dedicated to his commitment to children and their families.


    Winship Elementary is located off Spring Creek Drive, in the eastern section of the Spring Independent School District. Winship Elementary was the first Spring school east of Aldine-Westfield. It opened its doors to students on December 15, 1972, after having begun its classes in the fall of 1972 at Spring Elementary.


         The school colors, green and gold, and the school mascot, the Wildcat, were selected by the student body in 1972 and are still represented today.