Winship is a CHAMPS campus!!

    To achieve our goal of helping EVERY student be the best they can be-both academically and socially, Winship (and all SISD elementary campuses) has adopted the CHAMPS model. The acronym stands for: Communication, Help, Activity, Movement, Participation and Success and it helps both students and teachers clearly define and know expectations throughout our campus. We look forward to sharing more about CHAMPS with you during parent conferences.

    This We Believe...All Our Children Will Achieve!

    Winship - A TRIBES Community

    • Attentive listening
    • Appreciations / No put-downs
    • Participation / The right to pass
    • Mutual respect

    Character Education

        At Winship, we have made the promise to “meet the needs of the future by developing students with strong minds and outstanding character through quality instruction provided in a respectful, responsive environment.” 
        In support of that promise, we implement a Character Development Plan each year to encourage and promote good character among students. We focus on the following eight character traits: respect, responsibility, integrity, perseverance, cooperation, kindness, citizenship, and empathy. 
        We believe that having good character helps students achieve academic success, get along well with others, and make positive contributions to the world.