• Tardy Policy: 

    Students are tardy after 8:05 a.m.

    Per 9 weeks : 

    • 3 Tardies : Parents Notified 
    • 5 Tardies: Afterschool Detention assigned to make up for lost instructional time
    • Every tardy after that (until the end of the 9 weeks) will result in an after school detention. 


    Reporting Absences

    When a student is absent or tardy, parents should call the school office as soon as possible on the day of the absence to report the reason for the absence. Following an absence or tardy for which no parent call has been received, a note is required from the parent.


    Attendance Accounting

    Students must be present in school at 8:05 a.m. in order to be counted present for purposes of reporting attendance to the State. Student attendance is also taken in each class daily. Students must be in attendance the majority of the school day in order to participate in school-related activities on that day or evening.

    The note should contain:

    · Full name of student

    · Dates absent

    · Specific reason for absence each day (i.e. flu, measles, death in the family, etc.)

    · Parent’s signature and telephone number

    · Example: John Q. Smith was absent on October 6, 7, and 8, 2006 due to a death in the family.

                        Mrs. J. G. Smith


                        Telephone Number: 281-111-1234


    If a parent call was not received or a note is not received within 48 hours of an absence, the absence will be considered unexcused. A principal may require a physician’s verification of an illness at any time.



    Tardies to school may be recorded on the child’s report card. Truancy is an absence of more than l5 minutes from class without a valid excuse. Truancy is counted as an unexcused absence in that class. (Any time after start time is a tardy.) Repeated truancy will result in a referral to the district attendance officer. Excessive tardiness could result in disciplinary consequences. Parents are requested to go to the front office to sign in students arriving late to school.