Awards and Recognitions

  • Quark Net - Two CWHS physics students were selected to participate in a prestigious University of Houston summer fellowship program.

    Culinary - CWHS is the only high school in Texas to receive a certification from the American Culinary Federation.

    2007 James D. MacConnell Award - for excellence in educational facility planning

    2007 Caudill Award - excellence in design, innovation, educational appropriateness, process of planning, sustainability and value

    2008 Grand Prize Educational Design Showcase Award - innovation in planning and design

    2008 National Educator Program School of Promise - National Model of Excellence

    2008 National Career Pathway Network Business Partnership Award - Investex

    2009 NCAC National Model Academies

    NW Chamber Community Development Award

    2010 Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OCED) - Review CTE systems to labor market requirements & develop tools to appraise CTE policy initiatives