About Westfield

  • Known today as Westfield, in 1976 Spring High freshmen and sophomores moved into a new building considered Spring High South. In 1981-1982, Spring High South became a full four-year high school and changed its name to Westfield, in honor of the old Westfield community.

    Westfield High School is part of the Spring Independent School District and is located 20 miles north of downtown Houston. Located in an urban area of Harris County, it includes 57 square miles, and a mix of residential, commercial and agricultural use properties.

    Mission, Vision and Goals Statement

    The mission of Westfield is to create and maintain a safe and nurturing environment that ensures that every member of the school community benefits from a high level of student academic achievement, verified by objective measures, furthering positive intellectual, technological, physical, moral and social development.

    The vision of Westfield High School is to prepare and equip all students with the necessary skills for their chosen Post-Secondary career, whether college or employment.