About Spring ISD Athletics

  • The Spring ISD athletic program provides more than competition between two individuals or two schools, it exists to teach fair play, sportsmanship, understanding and teamwork. The appreciation of commitment, discipline, and hard work means eventual success. Our goal is for all students to discover the true meaning of winning while doing one's best. The Spring Independent School District Athletic Department will make every effort to accomplish this objective.

    1. Maintain and improve the image of school athletics.
    2. Strive always for playing excellence that will produce success. 
    3. Instill good habits, sound morals, exemplary citizenship, school pride, self-confidence and a high standard of sportsmanship in the students of Spring ISD. 
    4. Encourage students to grow physically, mentally, morally and socially. 
    5. Develop all programs in such a manner that the end result will be one of unity, harmony and success. 
    6. Encourage mass participation whenever possible. 
    7. Instill in all athletes the desire to represent their school and community in a manner that will make parents, administrators, teachers and other citizens proud. 
    8. Emphasize to athletes, at all levels of competition, the realization that athletic competition is a privilege that carries definite responsibilities with it. Some of these responsibilities are eligibility, training, grooming, loyalty, improvement, courage and perseverance.
    9. Create in all students a greater interest in the value of education. 
    10. Conduct a successful interscholastic athletic program and have as an objective to be the most successful in the state