Employee Relations



    The Employee Relations Department is responsible for assisting with or conducting employee investigations of alleged misconduct, coordinating and interpreting board policy, administrative procedures and serves as a trusted resource to the district administrators regarding various employee discipline issues.  The primary goal of the department is to base decisions on what is best for our students by handling employee misconduct in a fair and consistent manner, based on facts. Our swift and consistent action to allegations of misconduct reinforce our desire to maintain a safe, positive and productive environment for our students and employees. 

    The Human Capital and Accountability Officer serves as primary leadership support to the Chief Human Resources Officer in the development of HR processes, structures and systems. The Human Capital and Accountability Officer is also a trusted strategic partner to guide district administrators through disciplinary processes, investigations, best practices and leading the charge to implement programs that will grow and develop leaders within Spring ISD. Accountability plays a critical role in the effectiveness of established policies and processes therefore the Human Capital and Accountability Officer and Employee Relations Manager work closely with administrators to ensure compliance and that matters are addressed timely. The Employee Relations Manager serves are the districts lead investigator and primary point of contact for investigations, Title IX compliance and Americans with Disabilities Act compliance. 



    Quick Links:

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    Child Protective Services

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    An employee may initiate the formal process by completing the Level I grievance form below.

    Even after initiating the formal complaint process, employees are encouraged to seek informal resolution of their concerns. An employee whose concerns are resolved may withdraw a formal complaint at any time.

    Level I Grievance

    Level II Grievance

    Level III Grievance




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  • Human Capital and Accountability Officer
    Dr. Tameka Bruce
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    Fax 281-891-6041
    Employee Relations Manager
    Nadine Kombe'
    Phone 281-891-6733 
    Fax 281-891-6041