Research, Evaluation and Data Request

  • Director of Research and Performance Analysis

    Dan Taylor, Ph.D.

    The Director of Research and Performance Analysis facilitates the development, analysis, and distribution of descriptive and statistical information as it relates to the prediction and confirmation of student performance.

    External Research

    Spring ISD recognizes the need for continued research in education and other related areas.  The Department of Research, Accountability, and Testing screens applications from graduate students, university researchers, and other research organizations requesting access to Spring ISD as a research site.  Each proposed project is reviewed according to the district policy, sponsored university protocol, and federal guidelines for the protection of human subjects.  Applications are carefully considered based on the researcher's expectations of resources from the district, the intended target population(s), the potential risks and benefits to the target population and the district, and the degree of intrusiveness in the instructional program.

    Please review the following links to fully understand the application process and to ensure applications are complete.  Reviews of applications do not occur until all supporting documents and applicable signatures are received.  Applications normally take three to four weeks to be reviewed.  In special cases, the review may take longer.  Questions regarding the process can be sent to Dan Taylor,