• How do I find my child's bus route and bus stop assignment?

    Spring ISD has implemented the Transfinder routing software beginning with the 2018-2019 school year. This sytem has a feature which allows students and parents to obtain information regarding the schools for which an address is zoned as well as the bus route and stop information (if the address is eligible for transportation services.)

    To access the Infofinder-I tool, click HERE.

    What time will my child's bus arrive?

    For the first few days of the new school year, we are still working to normalize the schedule for each route. The Infofinder-I tool will provide an estimated time of arrival for each stop, but it is recommended that students are ready at the bus stop ten (10) minutes prior to that time until a regular route schedule has been established.

    How do I schedule bus service for my Pre-K or Kindergarten child?

    Students in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten must be registered and approved for bus service BEFORE beginning to ride the bus. To register your Pre-K or Kindergarten child for bus service, complete a bus request form at your child's campus and submit it to the campus for processing. Once approved, you will be contacted by the campus with the route number, bus stop location, and Personal Identification Number (PIN).

    Can my Pre-K or Kindergarten child get off of the bus alone?

    For the safety of our youngest students, children in Pre-K and Kindergarten must be received from the bus at the stop by an approved person. Each Pre-K and Kindergarten student who is registered and approved for bus service in assigned a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Any person who is present at the bus stop to receive the student MUST provide the driver with the PIN either verbally or visibly (by showing a sign, card, etc.) in order for the driver to release the student.

    Pre-K and Kindergarten students who ride the same bus as their sibling (in 1st grade or older) may get off with the sibling if the parent has given the authorization to do so on the bus request form. The sibling must be able to provide the driver with the PIN.

    If no approved person is present at the bus stop to receive a Pre-K or Kindergarten student (or if the person at the stop is unable to provide the correct PIN to the driver), the driver will return the student to the school for the parent or guardian to pick-up.

    What if my child has not made it home from school?

    If your child has not made it home after school, contact your child's school to make sure that he or she isn't still at the campus. If your child is not on the campus, contact the Transportation Department dispatch at (281) 891-6490 for assistance.

    What if my child has left an item on the bus?

    If your child believes that he or she has left an item on the bus, contact the Transportation Department dispatch office at (281) 891-6490 to see if the item has been located and brought into the office.

    What happens to bus service during inclement weather?

    When school is in session, buses will run. During heavy rains, there may be some areas of the district which are inaccessible due to high water. When this is the case, buses will travel as close to the designated stop locations as safely possible in order to deliver students. If a stop is inaccessible, students may be returned to the campus in the afternoon for parents to pick-up when the roads are clear.

    How is eligibility for bus service determined?

    Eligibility for bus service is primarily based upon the distance that a student resides from the nearest point of access to the student's campus. Students who reside at least 1 mile from the nearest point of access to the campus are eligible to received bus service. In addition, students who would be subject to hazardous conditions by walking to or from school (crossing train tracks, crossing a freeway, crossing a roadway with four or more lanes with a speed limit of 40 mph or greater at an uncontrolled intersection, walking along a roadway with a speed limit of 40 mph or greater where no walkpath is present , etc.) are also able to access transportation services. The absence of a paved sidewalk does not mean that a walkpath is not present.