• Dear Dueitt Eagle Choir Member & Parent:


    Welcome to the Dueitt Eagle Choir Program!!! Being a member of the Dueitt Eagle Choir is an honor and a privilege. There are many exciting plans for this school year.  In addition to the annual concerts and competitions, the Dueitt Eagle Choir will be offering multiple social events as well as the opportunity for your students to travel. The 6th grade Choirs will be going to Splashtown (requirements must be met) and the 7/8th  graders will TENTATIVELY be going to SIX FLAGS in San Antonio (requirements must be met). 


    The Dueitt Eagle Choir Handbook provides you and your students with their goals and expectations for the school year.  We have gone over all of this information with each student during his/her choir class and the information is available for you to review online on your EMAIL, the Dueitt Eagle Choir Webpage, in addition to this hardcopy. We feel it is incredibly important that students joining choir – as well as parents – know what is expected of them.  The expectations that we have, as teachers and musicians, are very high and your students will benefit from these through discipline, hard work, optimum performance opportunities and musical growth.


    Life at the middle school level presents many challenges for families that are involved in extracurricular activities. Each parent and student will receive a calendar of all choral events so that you are able to add these events to your family’s calendar. We make every effort not to schedule events that conflict with other SCHOOL activities; however, this may be impossible at times. If a conflict arises, you and your student must communicate with the director immediately. Many times, an agreement can be made to allow the student to participate in both activities. Please take the time to place the choir calendar in a visible location (like the refrigerator).  


    We will keep you informed as to events requiring your child’s participation and events in which we may need your help.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  We look forward to a fantastic year!