Fraud Hotline 

  • In order to improve Spring Independent School District and to demonstrate a commitment to high ethical standards, the district has established an anonymous reporting hotline EthicsPoint, to address accounting and auditing fraud.  This third party provider will provide the community and employees with an easy and risk-free way to anonymously report any activities that may involve criminal, unethical or otherwise inappropriate behavior that is not in compliance with state law and Board Policy.  
    The hotline is intended to be used to report serious concerns or questionable actions such as:
    • Theft of District resources (e.g. cash, equipment, supplies or materials)
    • Falsification of financial records to cover up theft or embezzlement
    • Falsifying payroll information
    • Misuse of District equipment or property
    • Misuse or waste of District resources, including government funds
    • Improper activities by District officials, employees or contractors
    • Soliciting or accepting a bribe or kickback
    • Conflicts of interest 

    Here are two ways to make a Fraud Hotline report:
    • on-line at;                                                            
    • by dialing toll-free 1-844-297-6341. (Available in different languages - Español, Vietnamese, etc)

    The Fraud Hotline must only be used to report suspected or confirmed fraud, misuse, waste, or theft of district property or funds.

    Please note: The Fraud Hotline is NOT an emergency service or a substitute for communication between an employee and supervisor.  It should not be used to report emergencies.

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