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    Smart Start is an early childhood outreach program that is available to Spring ISD families with preschool-age children in a variety of ways. The program is offered free of charge for Spring area residents and services are available in English and Spanish.

    Knowing how critical the early years are, three different components of the program  give families a list of opportunities that can best fit their lifestyles. The more layers of support a parent receives, the more their children will benefit.

    The components of Smart Start are:

    Home Instruction Partnership

    Through home visits, parents receive one-on-one intensive instruction and support to focus on their child’s healthy growth and development. The program promotes fun and learning interactions between parent and child. Parents are encouraged to commit to interacting with their children the rest of the week by replicating the activities and reading they learn during their sessions with their children every day. The weekly lessons are curriculum-driven and individualized to the family's needs.

    Through this component, parents have access to parent workshops throughout the year providing a space where parents can share with other participating parents the joys and challenges of parenthood. In addition, parents will receive information about community resources and programs.

    Interactive Learning Groups

    In an effort to reach as many families as possible, Smart Start conducts small parent-child groups at a variety of locations throughout the community. We have partnered with several apartment complexes, community centers, and churches to host our programs. During each meeting, parents are presented with literacy activities, story time and parenting skills. They also receive coaching and feedback on ways to continue interacting with their children at their home on a daily basis.


    Ready Rosie Spring ISD is now offering access to ReadyRosie, a free online resource for parents of children registered in Pre-Kindergarten, to provide activities via text, e-mail or mobile app.  Contact your Pre-Kindergarten Teacher. 

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  • Family and Community Engagement
    Spring ISD Community Engagement Center
    17125 Ella Blvd.
    Houston, TX 77090

    Family Empowerment Coordinator
    Ysabel Luna

    Phone 281-891-6363

    Family Empowerment Specialist
    Zulma Xitumul

    Home Instructors
    Natalya Hogan
    Samantha Morris
    Maria Galindo
    Yudeisy Rivas Rivera


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