Welcome to Ready Rosie

  • Logo Spring ISD is now offering access to ReadyRosie, a free online resource for parents of children ages 0-6, to provide activities via text, e-mail or mobile app. The activities – available in both English and Spanish – are quick and easy for busy parents to work into their daily routine. By simply watching a two minute video, parents can learn how to do the activity with their own children.

    Here's how ReadyRosie works:

    1. Watch a quick, two-minute video.
    2. Do the interactive activity.
    3. Learn: both child and adult grow.

    Here's how to access ReadyRosie:

    Any Spring ISD parent or guardian with a child or children ages 0-6 can register for a free subscription at readyrosie.com/register.

    Once your subscription is confirmed via email, you can login at readyrosie.com or use the ReadyRosie mobile app to start watching any of the videos in the Library.

    Download the free ReadyRosie mobile app from Google Play for Android or the App Store for Apple.

    ReadyRosie subscribers will receive weekly texts, emails or app notifications in English and Spanish with access to the week's video and activity.

    Here are some examples:


    More Information

    For more information, call 281-891-6195 or email community@springisd.org.