• Credit by Examination by Kindergarten Acceleration is offered for students whose parents request acceleration from kindergarten to first grade. Parents who believe their child may be a candidate for acceleration must enroll their child in kindergarten and complete the application for acceleration by week three of the school year.  Parent nomination forms for acceleration may be obtained at the campus and on the Spring ISD website.  The process for assessing students to determine need for acceleration will occur during the first six weeks of the current school year. Deadline to submit applications for Kindergarten Acceleration is September 2, 2022.


    The kindergarten program in Spring ISD is designed to accommodate student needs for acceleration within the kindergarten classroom.  It is, therefore, the philosphy of Spring ISD to accelerate only students who cannot be effectively served through district programs at their current grade level.  At this early grade level, the district will require the student to demonstrate performance well above average for first grade, so that a student's success in that grade level can be assured.

    2022-23 Kindergarten Acceleration Application