Vision and Mission

  • Vision of Spring High School
    My Best, Your Best, Our Best!

    Spring High School Mission
    Spring High School is committed to excellence in education by committing to intentional and strategic instructional delivery that impacts achievement through student, faculty, staff and community cooperation. We strive to prepare each student to maximize skills in a positive, fulfilling and interactive environment.

    Spring High School Beliefs
    We embrace all the Spring Independent School District Guiding Principles and the Spring Way Core Values. Additionally, we believe that:

    1. Excellence in learning is directly related to excellence in teaching.
    2. Creativity, innovation and initiative are encouraged and celebrated.
    3. The educational environment must be responsive to change.
    4. Student growth occurs when students are actively engaged in
      rigorous and relevant learning.
    5. Each individual has inherent dignity and the right to equitable and
      respectful educational experiences.
    6. Consistent rules and discipline, positive reinforcement, and social
      skills are necessary for all individuals.
    7. Every student is able to learn and student learning is the primary
      focus of all decisions.