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  • Spring ISD Board of Trustees increases bus driver pay to $19/hour, approves incentive package

    The Spring Independent School District Board of Trustees recently approved a resolution during a special called session to increase the starting bus driver pay to $19 per hour amid a nationwide shortage of qualified drivers, making Spring ISD one of the most competitive districts in the Houston area for bus driver pay. 

    “What we’ve experienced as a district, which is what all districts across the state and the nation are also experiencing, is an extreme shortage of qualified bus drivers,” Spring ISD Superintendent Dr. Rodney E. Watson said. “We have to position Spring ISD as a leader in school bus driver pay, and I am deeply encouraged by our Board of Trustees’ support in these efforts. Our goal remains steadfast together — to ensure our students arrive safe, on time, and ready to learn each day.”

    Starting bus driver pay will increase from $17.42 per hour to $19 per hour, and each step on the pay scale will also increase by 9.07%. All existing bus drivers and bus attendants will receive a pay increase equal to 9.07%. Additionally, to boost recruitment efforts, trustees also approved a retention stipend for existing bus drivers, a referral program, and a sign-on incentive. Along with the increase in hourly pay, the resolution provides for the following incentives:

    • Sign-on Incentive: Those bus drivers joining Spring ISD will be eligible for a $1,500 sign-on bonus if they stay employed by Spring ISD for 90 days. 
    • Referral Program: Any eligible employee who refers a bus driver candidate who is hired and works for the district for at least 90 days would also be eligible for a $500 referral incentive. 
    • Retention Incentive: A one-time retention incentive payment of $500 will be available to all bus drivers of record who have been continuously employed with the district from Sept. 27 through at least the first day of instruction of the 2022-2023 school year, and who have at least 90% attendance during that period. 

    The new starting rate of $19 per hour will go into effect on Oct. 10 and will be reflected on the  Nov. 24 paycheck. The incentives mentioned above are effective immediately.

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