Inter-district Transfers


Students who reside outside the district MAY be eligible for a transfer to attend a Spring ISD school for one of the following reasons:


Receiving school has building and program space availability. [See list of schools with space availability]

All applicants must complete a Transfer Application Form.

Application Window

April 27 through May 31, 2020.

Application window will reopen on Aug. 3, 2020 for any extenuating circumstances.

Application Process for Inter-district Transfers

  1. Check list of schools that are approved to receive transfer students.
  2. Complete the Online Transfer Application Form
  3. Once the principal has had an opportunity to review the application, they will sign it and then forward it to the school leadership office for final approval.
  4. You will receive notification if your request has been approved, denied or waitlisted within 10 school days from when you submitted it. Notification will be sent via email or phone call.
  5. After approval, your transfer application will be forwarded to the school you requested.