Spring ISD
  • General Eligibility

    A board or its designee shall admit into the public schools of a district free of tuition all persons who are over five and younger than 21 years of age on September 1 of any school year in which admission is sought.

    A district may require evidence that a person is eligible to attend the public schools of the district at the time it considers an application for admission of the person.

    “Residence” requires living in the district and having the present intention to remain there Martinez v. Bynum, 461 U.S. 321 (1983). A district may withdraw any student who ceases to be a resident Daniels v. Morris, 746 F.2d 271 (5th Cir. 1984).

    At the time of initial registration, the parent, guardian, or other person having lawful control of the student under order of a court shall present proof of residency as defined by law. The District shall accept the following types of records as proof of residency:

    • A current utility bill; or
    • A sales or rental contract for a residence or apartment listing each occupant of the residence or apartment. If the student and his or her family reside with another family, a notarized statement acknowledging that fact may be required from the owner of the residence or manager of the apartment building.

    In accordance with law, the District may make reasonable inquiries to determine whether the student is a resident of the District, including when a document submitted for purposes of proving residency is not in the name of the adult who is enrolling the student.

    Based on an individual’s circumstance, the District may grant exceptions to the requirement to produce a document listed above. When required by law, the District shall waive the requirement to prove residency in the District boundaries. After a student’s initial enrollment, the District shall verify residency through the annual registration forms and may investigate stated residency as necessary.

    A child must be enrolled by the child's parent, guardian, or other person with legal control under a court order. A district shall record the name, address and date of birth of the person enrolling the child. Education Code 25.002(f). A student must be identified by the student's legal surname as it appears on the student's birth certificate or other documents suitable as proof of the student's identity, or in a court order changing the student's name. Education Code 25.0021. If the parent or other person with legal control of a child enrolls the child in a school district, the parent or other person shall furnish to the district the following:

    • The child's birth certificate, or another document suitable as proof of the child's identity as defined by the commissioner in the SAAH
    • A copy of the child's records from the school the child most recently attended if he or she was previously enrolled in a school in Texas or in another state (Students shall not be denied enrollment or be removed solely because they failed to provide the documentation required in the above items)
    • A record showing that the child has the immunizations required by Education Code 38.001, proof that the child is not required to be immunized, or proof that the child is entitled to provisional admission. (See FFAB) Education Code 25.002; 19 TAC 129.1(a)-(b)

    A parent or other person with legal control of a child under a court order must furnish information of the above items not later than the 30th day after the date a child is enrolled in a public school. Education Code 25.002(a-1). If the required above information documents and other records are not furnished to a district within 30 days after enrollment the district shall notify the police department of the city and request a determination of whether the child has been reported as missing. Education Code 25.002(b)-(c).

    When accepting a child for enrollment, a district shall inform the parent or other person enrolling the child that presenting a false document or false records in connection with enrolment is a criminal offense under Penal Code 37.10 (Tampering with Governmental Records) and that enrolling the child under false documents makes the person liable for tuition or other costs as provided below (Education Code 25.002(d).

    After a student's initial enrollment, the District shall verify residency through the annual registration forms and may investigate stated residency as necessary.


    Bus Route Information 

    Spring ISD has implemented Transfinder as our new bus routing software for this school year. Bus routes and stop locations may be accessed through the use of the Infofinder-I tool.

    Estimated bus stop times are available through the Infofinder-I tool, but for the first few days of school, it is recommended that students are ready at the bus stop approximately 10 minutes prior to the estimated stop timeuntil regular route schedules are established.

    Click on this link to determine your bus route information    http://www.infofinderi.com/ifi/?cid=SI3EP1SK4WO 

    School Lunch Information 

    Applying for free and reduced meal benefits has never been easier. You may apply, submit, and track your application status from start to finish using our School Café online lunch application tool.

    As a parent, you may also check out what's available each day on your child's school cafeteria menu and view the nutritional and allergen information to help you make healthy decisions.

    Lastly, you may make payments, view purchase history, and receive low balance alerts. For your convenience, you may also setup automatic payments to replenish their cafeteria funds.

    To set up a parent/student account online, you may using the following link https://www.schoolcafe.com/