Home of the Bobcats

  • Home of the Bobcats


    Students and Staff of Burchett Elementary selected, in the Spring of 2005, the Bobcat as the mascot for their school. The students overwhelmingly voted for the BOBCAT! 

    Mr. Terry Bell, former SISD Director of Planning and Construction, donated this bobcat to our school. It is displayed proudly in our front office! Thank you, Mr. Bell. 

    Generally, bobcats measure 2 feet tall and weigh about 20 pounds. Larger than house cats, bobcats are light brown to reddish brown in color with spotted fur as a baby. Bobcats have very short tails. Their footprint shows no claws. Bobcats are curious and very shy. Their favorite place to live is in woods or grassy areas. They are a nocturnal animal (night animal). Bobcats have a keen sense of sight and hearing which aids in their hunting. They can sneak up on their prey easily because of the soft pads on their feet. It has been known that bobcats can run up to 30 miles per hour. Bobcats live to be ten or twelve years old.