• Visitors

    • All parents and visitors must enter through the front of the school and present their valid Driver’s License for registration in the RAPTOR program

    • RAPTOR will print a visitor’s badge that must be visibly worn at all times while in the building. Parents must limit their visit to the area stated on the ID badge. If the visitation area is going to change, the visitor must go to the front office and get a different badge printed.

    • Visitors are not allowed to use cell phones in the building

    • Visitors must adhere to all of the same policies and procedures as the students.



    Parents Visiting Classrooms

    Parents are more than welcome to arrange a time (at least 24 hours in advance) to visit their child’s classroom. Administrative approval is required and the time of visitation will be scheduled with the teacher(s). All parents must check in through the front office. For the safety of all students, we must know where parents are in the building at all times. To ensure that the learning environment is not disturbed, visits must not exceed 30 minutes. Parents may request an observation once every four weeks.  The parent must only be a spectator and may not engage with any student or teacher during the observation unless arranged with the teacher. All student information is confidential and should remain confidential.