The mission of the Advisory Board is to advise, assist, and support our students with the opportunity to acquire challenging academic and technical skills, thus preparing them for high-skilled, high-wage, and high-priority occupations in a competitive 21st-century global economy. We stand committed to our goal, mission, and vision to produce well-qualified, highly-trained, and industry-certified students who will go on to meet the demands of business and industry for the people of Spring, Houston, as well as The Great State of Texas.

    Education, business, industry, and community members must communicate for Career and Technical Education to perform the function for which it was designed. The Advisory Board provides development and financial support to prepare our students with the academic and technical knowledge needed to succeed in college and their careers. The Advisory Board is committed to excellence for all of our students.

    The goals of the board are to:

    • Advise the District on long- and short-range career and technical education program planning.
    • Advise the District of current job needs and the relevance of Career and Technical Education programs and courses offered by the District.
    • Provide a forum for recommending equipment and training so that Career and Technical Education can adequately meet its goals.
    • To encourage students to continue their education and prepare for a career beyond high school by providing scholarships for outstanding students.
    • Enhance political and community support of vocational education.


                      CTE Advisory Board By-Laws