Dual Credit

  • Students who are at least 16 years old (or with special permission) may earn both high school and college credits by successfully completing dual credit courses offered either at the high school or through a post-secondary institution of higher education. For students to be eligible for dual credit, the following conditions must be met:

    • Students must meet the post-secondary institution of higher education early college admissions requirements.
    • Students must get approval from their high school college connections counselor and their parent/guardian.
    • Students must meet the deadlines set by the post-secondary institution of higher education and Spring ISD college connection counselor.
    • Students enrolled in a dual credit course at their high school will follow both the college semester timeline as well as the high school semester timeline.

    College courses taken through dual credit programs are subject to fees and other costs that may include textbooks and specified resources. Students are responsible for the costs of the dual credit class. Needs-based scholarships are available to those students completing a scholarship application and meeting the criteria outlined in the application. Students must have successfully completed any required prerequisite courses to be eligible to enroll in the dual credit course and complete each college course with a “C” or better to continue in the dual credit program.

    Students who enroll in a dual college course will have the grade recorded on their transcript and will receive grade points contributing to class rank.

    For those courses taken on the college campus, transcripts for all grades earned through dual college credit must be submitted to the high school registrar after completion of the course.

    Dual Credit students must apply for admission, document eligibility for courses selected, enroll and pay associated fees by the designated deadline. Students who do not complete all steps by the SISD deadlines will be enrolled in a SISD core course equivalent. For information about being admitted to and enrolling in courses at institutes of higher education, consult with your counselor.

    If you are interested in earning college credit while in high school, please see your counselor.

    For more information about dual credit, visit www.lonestar.edu/dualcredit. See the college connections counselor on your high school campus for additional information.