What is the role of the Advisory Committee on Education (ACE)?

  •  The ACE committee of elected teachers and nonteaching professionals and selected parent, community, and business representatives shall be established annually by June 1 to participate in establishing and reviewing educational goals and objectives of the District and Districtwide classroom instructional programs.

    The committee shall:

    1. Make recommendations concerning the Five-Year Strategic Plan, which serves as the District improvement plan;

    2. Make recommendations concerning Districtwide classroom instructional programs;

    3. Provide comments regarding the Student Code of Conduct;

    4. Provide comments regarding District policy and procedures ensuring that systematic communications measures are in place to periodically obtain broad-based community, parent, and staff input and to provide information to those persons regarding the recommendations of the committee;

    5. Provide comments regarding any proposed waiver of or exemption from a state statute or state Board rule relevant to the District as a whole prior to consideration by the Board;

    6. Participate in developing the local teacher and administrator appraisal process and performance criteria;

    7. Provide for campus-level input for professional learning activities that support the District’s vision, mission, and goals;

    8. Participate in the development of the administrative procedure that defines the respective roles and responsibilities pertaining to planning and decision making at the District and campus levels;

    9. Be involved in the consideration of any other subjects deemed appropriate by the Superintendent; and

    10. Develop criteria for and participate in the evaluation of the effectiveness of the committee.

    The superintendent shall regularly consult the district-level committee in the planning, operation, supervision, and evaluation of the district educational program. Education Code 11.252(f).

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