Spring ISD Dual Language Program

    Last school year, 2018-2019,  the Spring Independent School District implemented an 80/20 Two-Way Dual Language Immersion program. at Northgate Crossing Elementary, Hirsch Elementary, and Clark Primary. This year, 2019-2020, our current students will be starting their second year in the Dual Language Program. We also will have a new cohort of students joining our program at each of the Dual Language campuses. We are thankful to be able to serve approximately 250 students through this program. 

    Rationale for Two-Way Dual Language Programs

    • The ability to communicate in more than one language is an asset in a global society.
    • Spanish is the second most widely used language in the United States and is increasingly important for business, trade, schools, government agencies, the legal system, media, advertising politics and the private sector.
    • A two-way bilingual program “emphasizes equality of educational opportunity for both English and non-English speaking children through an educational process that validates and fully develops both languages and instills a mutual respect for both language learners.”

    Goals of Two-Way Dual Language 

    • Bilingualism:  The ability to speak in two languages at an ACADEMIC Level
    • Biliteracy:  ability to read and write in two languages at an academic level
    • Cross-Cultural Awareness:  ability to live with people of diverse backgrounds
    • Academic Achievement: successful academic performance that prepares both native English speakers and native Spanish speakers for the future

    Participating Campuses

    • Clark Primary PK 
    • Northgate Kindergarten
    • Hirsch Kindergarten 

    ****If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact the campus of your interest.  

     Language is emotionally charged and is the cultural connection we have that connects us through "meaning making."--Vivan Pratts 

    Language is our culture tool--we use it to share experiences and do so to collectively, jointly, make sense of it...Language therefore not just a means by which individuals can formulate ideas and communicate them, it is also a means for people to think and learn together.
    ---Neil Mercer