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    Select a book below to read, and don't forget to check that book off of your passport as you complete them.

Points and Prizes

  • Each completed book is worth 1 Point.  If students attend the special events at Barbara Bush Library listed on the digital passport, each event is worth 5 Points. The passport will need to be stamped by the public library personnel to be validated. The student with the most points in PK-2, 3-5, and 6-8 grade span will be recognized at the board meeting, and win a tablet and other prizes! 

K-2nd Grade

  •  The Bald Eagle

    The Bald Eagle

    A large, soaring bird reminds people of strength and freedom. Read about this important national symbol.

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  •  Great Horned Owls

    Great Horned Owls

    Big, stately great horned owls with their hooting call and big orange eyes are the owls of scary stories. Learn more about these tufted hunters with full-color photos.

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  • Wolves


    Wolves often hunt in packs in North America. Learn all about these furry predators and their habits in Wolves.

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  •  Grizzly Bears: Built for the Hunt

    Grizzly Bears: Built for the Hunt

    Using its amazing sense of smell, a grizzly bear can sniff out food from miles away. With jaws and teeth that can bite through an iron skillet, grizzly bears are fearsome hunters.

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3rd-5th Grade

6-8th Grade

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